Move URF/TURF file format implementations to URF project.


Confound provides a range of functionality, from basic configuration information to loading configuration files. In the future it's likely it will provide type conversions (which had been scheduled to be in Ploop).

In we added configuration files from TURF files. However projects like URF will also use Confound subprojects for configuration, which means URF projects like the URF CLI will need to reference general Confound config-related projects.

From a fine-grained project support it may not matter, as the dependencies will all be worked out, but from a repository standpoint the Confound and URF projects each have their own aggregate projects. If one Confound subproject depends on an URF subproject, while a different URF subproject depends on another Confound project, it will be difficult to build either aggregate project by itself. (About the only solution would be to create another aggregate project across both repositories, but that would require a complex and brittle build configuration.

The best solution for now seems to be to move the URF-based file format Confound configuration implementations into the URF repository, since they are pluggable anyway and can be placed anywhere. URF will need its dependency on Confound anyway. Maybe we can keep Confound to be very basic, almost the core library for a lot of things. (Hence the "found[ation]") part of the name "Confound".)




Garret Wilson


Garret Wilson



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