Create an "assets" designation that indicates veiled artifacts with no page generation.


added a way to designate "veiled" artifacts (with a _ prefix) which are "hidden" in that they do not show up in navigation. made veiling apply only to a single directory level as well as removed the veil prefix. This is useful to make a single page or directory not appear in the menu, but there is still a need to make an entire tree as effectively veiled as well as prevent pages from being generated.

Create a way to designate files and directories as "assets", by default with a $ prefix (which is entirely appropriate because "assets" often refer to things of monetary value). Assets are not considered "veiled", but they will also not be included in generated navigation lists. By default the $ prefix will be removed during mummification. Otherwise there are two important distinctions:

  • Designating an artifact such as a directory as an asset will apply to all descendant artifacts as well.

  • In an asset directory tree no pages will be generated. That is, all artifacts that have a PageMummifier will instead be copied over as if they had an OpaqueMummifier. And empty directories will not have phantom index pages generated.

For example, a typical assets tree will look like this:

  • $assets/css

  • $assets/images

  • $assets/javascript

After mummification with the default configuration this will appear as one would have expected to begin with:

  • assets/css

  • assets/images

  • assets/javascript




Garret Wilson
March 29, 2020, 9:19 PM


One insight from this ticket in conjunction with is that filename unveiling and post subdirectory determination from the filename should be done by the parent artifact mummifier (typically that of the directory), not of the mummifier of the artifact itself the filename of which is being modified.

The implementation of and GUISE-127, when generating navigation lists, uses source path pattern matching for each menu artifact inside the page mummifier, which is not the same mummifier for each menu artifact. This then still needs improvement. At some point we'll probably want to have a way to allow the original mummifier for an artifact to specify some "attribute" or "flag" at artifact creation time, explicitly designating at an artifact, so that other mummifiers don't have to guess (or make a determination based upon potentially different rules).



Garret Wilson


Garret Wilson




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