Use TURF Properties files for site description sidecar files.


Now that the more concise TURF Properties files are available via URF-85, switch to using them for TURF generated site description sidecar files.

In addition improve the format of the sidecar file name to use the form filename.ext.-.tupr rather than filename.ext.@.turf, because @ is used in TURF for dates and also in Guise Mummy for posts (also based on dates). Here the - is a placeholder for "some subject being described", and if this works well then we can consider using this approach in other circumstances.




Garret Wilson
April 25, 2020, 4:31 PM

There remains the issue of whether to use the form filename.ext._.turf-properties or .filename.ext._.turf-properties for the sidecar file (i.e. whether to make the sidecar file a dotfile). On one hand we want to indicate it's not a normal content file. On the other hand we want to make it easy to move with the original file, and dotfiles aren't easy to copy from the command line in Linux, or even find in the CLI or the GUI at times. So we should err on the side of them not getting lost, which I believe was the reasoning behind not making them dotfiles to begin with.

For now Guise is putting the site description in a separate directory. Perhaps in the future we might consider detecting that the description is being put in the same directory and use dotfiles in that case.

Garret Wilson
April 25, 2020, 9:22 PM

Using _ for the sidecar extension segment could cause confusion with the veiling character (e.g. _hide-from-navigation.html), especially when used for directory metadata: we'd either have to go with _.turf-properties, which looks like a veiled file; or ._.turf-properties, even though may not want dotfiles in a separate site description directory; or something like _._.turf-properties, which starts to get wordy.

Perhaps it's better to go with a - extension segment. This makes filename.ext.-.turf-properties for a normal sidecar, and -.turf-properties for a directory sidecar, which can be made into .-.turf-properties if we need to use dotfiles.

Garret Wilson
April 26, 2020, 2:27 AM

This improvement will be performed as part of GUISE-136.

Garret Wilson
May 26, 2020, 2:57 PM

It looks like the embedded server (specifically SiteDirResourceSet) wasn't updated to recognize the new .-.tupr extension from this ticket. (It has a hard-coded string.) Reopening this ticket to fix that.



Garret Wilson


Garret Wilson




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