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Update Clogr for Logback 1.3.x


The new Logback 1.3.0 and SLF4J 1.8.0-beta4 do not use the StaticLoggerBinder mechanism, which I explained on Stack Overflow and which is incompatible with Java 9+ modules. At first Logback 1.3.0 took out the ContextSelector altogether, but after I raised this issue on the mailing list they seem to have put it back in Logback 1.3.0-alpha4.

It remains unclear what needs to be done now in Clogr to support the Logback 1.3.x series. If the ContextSelector classes still work as before, then maybe Clogr will work just fine.

However we still need to make sure our Clogr context selector gets installed to make sure traditional SLF4J calls use the correct loggers. We used to do that with this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 static { //tell Logback to use the ClogrContextSelector for determining logging contexts System.setProperty(LOGBACK_CONTEXT_SELECTOR, ClogrContextSelector.class.getName()); //load the SLF4J logger binder that initiates the Logback binding //and installs the context selector StaticLoggerBinder.getSingleton(); }

This needs to be updated to whatever mechanism Logback now provides for setting the default context selector. Hopefully this will be some system similar to LOGBACK-1196, which I requested almost three years ago and which is supposedly scheduled for 1.3.0-alpha5.





Garret Wilson


Garret Wilson